What are my flooring installation options with hardwood?

What are my flooring installation options with hardwood?

When you choose wood floors, you'll have to decide on a hardwood flooring installation. There are a few to choose from, which means one may work best for you.

If you've never experienced wood floors before, you'll want to learn more about your options. Here are a few that could help you on your way.

A floating floor offers a fast flooring installation
Floating your wood floors is an excellent way for fast and easy installation. This method lets the pieces click together and lock into place with excellent results.

Be sure to speak with a flooring associate to find out if the method will work in your home. Your flooring installation requirements could change with certain subfloor materials.

Nail-down flooring is standard for solid wood materials
Nailing down wood floors is a prevalent and more permanent option. The flooring is nailed directly to the subfloor material and fastened into place.

Again, the subfloor material will determine whether this installation type is possible. If you have stone or concrete subfloors, this method won't work.

Glue-down flooring is another option
Glue-down installations are most often used with parquet and engineered wood floors. A strong adhesive attaches the flooring to the subfloor for flooring installation with an intense hold.

Be sure to ask about how this method could work in your home. And take time to discuss each option for your best results.

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