Sanding and finishing


Here's what you should know about sanding and finishing

Hardwood floor refinishing is an essential service. It brings your floors back to life by removing years of wear and damage. But there's so much more to the process that can also benefit your home.

The service makes your floors look new, and you can even change the stain color and finish together. That means it will look as if you've installed a brand new floor with only refinishing. And the more you learn about sanding and finishing, the better choices you can make.

To get hardwood refinishing started

Sometimes, you'll know right away that you need wood floor refinishing. Other times, you may need a professional assessment to be sure it's necessary or not. A flooring professional can help you make the right call for your floors.

The first step in this process is the sanding step. Sanding removes layers of scratches, scuffs, water spots, and more. And the result is a fresh layer of wood prepared for a brand new face.



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Moving forward after sanding floors

At this point, we can start to add the stain color, finish type, and sealant. These are only possible once sanding floors have been completed. For busy homes, finish choices like distressed or hand scraped can hide light scratches and scuffs.

Choose a stain color that fits your existing decor for impressive results. Be sure to consider all the latest trends, which could give you a look you want or need. There's something for everyone, so search until you find yours.

After hardwood floor refinishing is complete

You'll want to wait at least 24 hours after refinishing before walking on the surface in sock feet. You can bring furniture back into the room about 48 hours after wood floor refinishing. Find out the facts from a flooring professional for extra heavy furniture pieces.

You can also choose area rugs and runners to protect your busiest spaces. Ask about any necessary rug pads to protect the wood flooring. These can help extend your floor's lifespan.
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